Tuur Demeester
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Editor-in-chief at Adamant Research

Tuur Demeester

Editor-in-chief at Adamant Research

Demeester is an independent investor, newsletter writer, and commentator. A globally-known entrepreneur and long-time cryptocurrency advocate, Demeester has maintained a heavy presence in Bitcoin and related debate online since 2013. Editor-in-chief at Adamant Research, he is well-known for his financial advice in the Blockchain industry. Before his career as an investment analyst, Demeester was actively involved  in sudbury-type schools, a libertarian type of schools where students have complete responsibility for their own education, and Austrian economics.

(around) 30 years old
Adamant research, Editor-in-chief
MarcoTrends, Author
  • BA in Modern Languages from Sint-Lodewijkscollege Brugge, Belgium.
  • MA in economics from Universiteit Gent​, Belgium.
  • Is author at the financial newsletter MacroTrends.
  • Is fascinated by the Side Chain concept by Adam Back.
  • Launched investment newsletter MacroTrends in 2011 and ran it until November 2013.
  • Speaks English, Dutch, French, German, Norwegian and Spanish.

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Unlike our current increasingly unstable and unpredictable financial system, Bitcoin has 21st century technologies at its very core.